Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

A Framework for the National Institute of EECE

by Dr. John Richard E. Hizon, UP EEEI Director, during the 14th EEE Alumni Homecoming, 3 December 2016 


As we celebrate our 100th year this 2016, the Insitute takes a bold step to become the National Institute of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering.

To celebrate our accomplishments, let us first highlight the achievement of the Institute. We have produced 3,488 alumni (undergraduate), 298 of which are Cum Laudes, 114 Magna Cum Laudes, and 16 Summa Cum Laudes; have nurtured a number of Board Exam top notchers, and have contributed in nation- building as our graduates later become part of the academe, the goverment, and the private sector.

To date, the Institute is training our next leaders, 216 BS EE students, 621 BS ECE students, 403 BS CoE students, 141 MS EE students, 42 ME EE students, and 27 PhD EEE students to be our future innovators. The UP EEEI’s brand of education is a result of the continous pursuit of academic excellence, matched by the Institute’s aggressiveness to invest in its faculty, facility upgrades, and academe-industry linkages. In addition, the Institute continues to produce quality research with local relevance and global impact. The Institute strives to live up to the University’s mandate as a national university– to set the academic standards and initiate innovations in teaching, research, and faculty development; serve both as a graduate and a research university; lead as a public university; and serve as a regional and global university.


Taking this to the next level is the vision to be the NIEECE. For this to be realized, the Institute continues to strengthen its Academic, Research, and Extension components (Fig. 1). It also recognizes the importance of engaging the alumni, industry partners, and other universities/state colleges for this vision to be realized (Fig.2). As a model of collaboration, the Institute sees its locally-relevant research initiatives as the “platform and the bridge” among the UP EEEI, other universities/SUCs, and the industry to work together. Driven by the research efforts that benefits the country, the Institute envisions the universities/SUCs to be able to enhance their research capabilities, have more faculty members with advanced degrees, and improve their curricula in the process. The research partnership also hopes to contribute to the direction of the industry to be more competitive by exploring the potential of home-grown technologies. The UP EEEI hopes this framework to be the cornerstone in building the NIEECE.