Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

UP-EEEI welcomes UPCAT qualifiers in UPD Open House 2015

The University of the Philippines-Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (UP-EEEI) welcomed a total of 201 UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) qualifiers, together with their parents, during the University-wide open house last March 14, 2015.

A total of 35 BS EE qualifiers, 75 BS CoE qualifiers, and 91 BS ECE qualifiers participated in the said event.

The UP-EEEI open house started with an orientation entitled “Building Your Future at EEEI.” Dr. Franz de Leon and Dr. Richard Hizon served as the facilitators of the orientation in Meralco Innovation Hall and Meralco Multimedia Lecture Hall, respectively. The presentation highlighted the excellent education and training that a student can experience at the Institute. In addition, Dr. Joel Marciano, Jr. piqued the interest of the UPCAT qualifiers when he presented the Institute’s plan of developing the country’s first microsatellite.

The orientation was followed by an open forum where concerns on tuition fees, curricula, research areas, facilities, and scholarships were raised. Dr. Jordan Orillaza, Dr. Rhandley Cajote, and Dr. Michael Pedrasa were also present to address the concerns of the attendees during the open forum. After the orientation, the attendees were toured around the Institute’s research laboratories guided by the student volunteers.

The Institute is looking forward to the admission of 318 high school students who passed the UPCAT 2014. Sixty two of which are for BS EE, 128 for BS ECE, and 128 for BS CoE.


UP-EEEI welcomes a total of 201 UPCAT qualifiers, with their parents during the University-wide open house, March 14, 2015
UP-EEEI welcomes UPCAT qualifiers in UPD Open House 2015
UPCAT qualifiers during the laboratory tours. UP-EEEI students served as facilitators of the tours
Dr. Ricahrd Hizon, as he answers the questions of the students and parents during the open forum
Dr. Joel Marciano, Jr., as he explains the opportunities awaiting the students who will be pursuing their college education in UP-EEEI
Dr. Franz de Leon, as he gives an overview of the life in UP-EEEI, during the Institute's open house, March 14, 2015
Parent of an UPCAT qualifier as he reads the brochure about UP-EEEI
UPCAT qualifiers, with their parents, as they skim the brochures about the Institute, during the UP-EEEI Open House, March 14, 2015
Students raised their hands when asked who among them passed the UPCAT to qualify in the BS ECE program