Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

EEE Days 2015 goes ‘PixEEElized’

The UP-Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (UP-EEEI) celebrated EEE Days 2015, with the theme, ‘PixEEElized,’ held on April 14 to 17. The activities in this year’s EEE Days brought a “nostalgic feel” as they “relive the epic games of the 90’s.”


EEE Day 1: SupEEEr Mario

A quiz contest dubbed as SupEEEr Mario took place during the EEE Day 1, April 14, 2015. This quiz contest challenged the EEE faculty members to answer general information questions. The students then were tasked to choose a faculty member they think answered correctly.

EEEI faculty member Adelson Chua and BS ECE students Rangel Daroya, Williard Jose, and Reimark Dionido were hailed as champions of the SupEEEr Mario.


EEE Day 2: UltEEEmate Sonic

EEEI organizations set up booths with games and prizes for visitors and passers-by, during the EEE Day 2, dubbed as the UltEEEmate Sonic. The activity also featured a laboratory tour to promote projects of EEEI research labs.

Participating organizations and laboratories include the Digital Signal Processing Laboratory (DSPL), Electricity Markets Research Laboratory (EMRL), Robotics Automation Laboratory (RAL), Power Systems Simulations Laboratory (PSSL), Instrumentation and Robotics Control (IRC) Laboratory, Computer Networks Laboratory (CNL), UP Circuit, UP Engineering Radio Guild (ERG), UP Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP), and UP Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers (IIEE).


EEE Day 3: Counter StrikEEE

This year’s student-teacher dialogue, dubbed as Counter StrikEEE tackled various issues and policies of the Institute, and also entertained non-academic questions for the faculty members to answer. It aims “to promote better understanding and cooperation between two sectors of the EEEI community.”

Some of the concerns discussed include getting slots in EEE subjects, difficulty of exams in EEEI, courses to be revised/improved, graduate laboratory fees, benefits of changing the academic calendar to EEEI students, among others. The faculty members also empathized with their students as they share their experiences when they were students of the Institute, and now as faculty members.

EEEI faculty members who participated in Counter SrikEEE are Dr. John Richard Hizon. Dr. Rhandley Cajote, Dr. Louis Alarcon, Dr. Maria Theresa de Leon, Dr. Franz de Leon, Dr. Allan Nerves, Dr. Joel Marciano, Jr., Mr. Patth Rick Ramirez, Mr. Adrian Salces, Mr. Rico Maestro, Mr. Dale Joshua del Carmen, Mr. Neil Bernardo, Mr. Adelson Chua, Mr. Adonis Tio, Mr. Wilbert Tarnate, Mr. Jethro Limjoco, and Mr. Chris Vincent Densing.


EEE Day 4: Final FantasEEE

EEE Days 2015 was put to close on the Final FantasEEE, April 17, 2015. This culminating night featured live music by the Institute’s local bands, special awards for faculty members, and raffle draws. The occasion also served as an awarding ceremony for this year’s UP ERG Basketball Cup.  


The EEE Days 2015 is co-presented by the UP-EEEI, Engineering Student Council, and the Volunteers Toward A Greater EEE (VolTAGE); in partnership with the EEEI-based organizations UP Circuit, UP ERG, UP IECEP, and UP IIEE. Other sponsors include Light Up Solutions, Red Bull, and Booster C.

The EEE Days is an annual week-long event which features activities “designed to promote camaraderie and community spirit among the EEEI student body, faculty members, and staff.”