Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging - Charging in Minutes (CharM)

Recognizing the government’s call for cleaner and more efficient vehicles, a team of researchers from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute of the University of the Philippines Diliman (UP EEEI) developed a rapid charging system for electric vehicles (EV) in the Philippines that can recharge local EVs in a matter of minutes as opposed to the conventional 4-6 hours slow charging. Apart from the charging system, a smart battery control unit that implements a communication protocol with the charger for enhanced battery protection and battery brand authentication was also developed.

The project’s outputs will help enhance the continuity of E-Trike and E-Jeep operations by reducing the charging time. Coined as "CharM" or Charging in Minutes, this EV charger aims to eliminate the opportunity cost for drivers when using slow charging for their vehicles. The battery management system, on the other hand, will help ensure better battery integrity and safety. In the mid- to long term, the facility utilized for R&D by the project is desired to serve as a means to test and qualify lithium ion batteries and even EVs for road worthiness and compliance with Philippine National Standards.



The project is already in a commercial deployment stage in Cauayan City, Isabela where two CharM chargers are installed to service local E-Trikes in the area. This is also in conjunction with the City Government’s vision for a “Smarter and More Progressive City” and their introduction of a fleet-managed and greener mass transport service through E-Trikes. The current project deployment also aims to serve as a market validation study to ultimately come up with a proper marketing strategy for the CharM chargers in order to be economically sustainable.

The commercialization stage of the project is made possible through the coordination of DOST PCIEERD, University of the Philippines, Isabela State University, Electronics Industries Association of the Philippines, Inc. (EIAPI), and the City Government of Cauayan City, Isabela.

For more information, please contact Asst. Prof. Lew Andrew Tria (lew.tria@eee.upd.edu.ph) of the Artesyn Power Electronics Laboratory (PEL) of the UP EEEI or Engr. Leo Allen Tayo (leoallen_tayo@rocketmail.com), CharM Technical Project Leader. For interested partners, you may also visit the DOST PCIEERD site for more project details at http://pcieerd.dost.gov.ph/opportunities/call-for-partners