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4 EE graduates top board exam 2015

Four graduates of the UP Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (UP EEEI) made it to top ten in the September 2015 Registered Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination.

BS EE Class of 2015 and Cum Laude graduate, Martha Isabel Dealino nabbed the first place, with 90.95% score. Other top notchers are Anderson Ongsyping who ranked third with 90.65% score; Eldion Vincent Bartolo who ranked fifth with 89.90%; and Mark Brian Dastas at seventh place with 89.75% score.

Dealino described her Board Exam experience as “overwhelming” and “unexpected.” In her Facebook post, she said that topping the board exam was just a “bonus” as compared to her “journey” during the review.

“My mindset was really not to top the boards, but just simply re-learn and apply everything I learned in EE through the years,” she added.

Apart from thanking the people who supported her, she also encouraged the newly-registered electrical engineers to always “do best not only for [oneself] but for the betterment of [the] society.”

On one hand, Bartolo, who considered himself “lucky” in topping the board exam, shared that “the exam was easy” and he thinks that “any [UP] EEE graduate will pass the board exam easily.” The challenge, however, was “to devote a lot of time in reviewing.”

“Actually I do not belong to intelligent and diligent ones but when I was reviewing for the board exam; I can easily recall the things taught in the review center, because it was taught by my professors very well,” he added.

Dastas also shared Bartolo’s sentiments and said that “since there are a lot of subjects to master, time-management is important.”

When asked for “techniques” for topping the board, Dastas shared that “after each study session, [he] always make it a point to summarize and re-write through memory all the things [he] learned for the day.” Ongsyping, on one hand, said that “keeping a calm disposition is crucial [in] answering the exam with the best of one's abilities.”

“Even if the odds are low, keep pushing, keep trying, keep studying, keep believing, and keep praying,” he added.

All 11 examinees from the UP EEEI passed the board examination. 

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Board of Electrical Engineering announced that this year’s national passing rate is at 67.23%, after 2536 out of 3772 examinees made the cut.

The list of top notchers can be viewed on the official site of the PRC: http://www.prc.gov.ph/uploaded/documents/REE0915ft.pdf


How to top the EE Board Exam, coming from this year's top notchers (gathered through FB interview, dated 22 September 2015)