Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman



  • Miguel Escoto Jr
    Power Electronics. Electric Motor Drives
  • Rowena Cristina Guevara
    Speech, Audio and Communications Signal Processing
  • Joel Joseph Marciano Jr.
    Wireless Communications, RF and Microwave Engineering
  • Allan Nerves
    Power and Energy Systems, Electricity Markets
  • Manuel Ramos Jr.
    Control Systems, Nonlinear Control, Robotics, Fuzzy Systems
  • Luis Sison
    Biomedical Engineering, Wireless Sensor Networks

Associate Professors

  • Anastacia Alvarez
    Microelectronics, Computer Architecture, Digital Design and HDLs, Memory and Cache Design
  • Rowel Atienza
    Human-Machine Interface
  • Rhandley Cajote
    Image and Video Processing, Handwriting Recognition, Machine Vision, Stereo Imaging, Pattern Recognition
  • Rowaldo Del Mundo
    Power Systems, Electricity Markets and Regulation, Energy Planning
  • Roel Ocampo
    Computer Networks
  • Jordan Rel Orillaza
    Power Systems, Electrical Machines
  • Michael Angelo Pedrasa
    Power Systems, Renewable Energy, Power Electronics
  • Nestor Michael Tiglao
    Computer Network Architecture and Programming, IP QoS, Web-based Development


  • Nicollete Ann Arriola
    Power Electronics, Solar Power
  • Michael Gringo Angelo Bayona
    Digital Signal Processing
  • Neil Irwin Bernardo
    Wireless Communications
  • Gaudan Albert Chekov Castillo
    Power Electronics
  • Jaybie De Guzman
    Computer Networks
  • Dale Joshua Del Carmen
    Digital Signal Processing
  • Jasmin Del Rosario
    Power Electronics, Solar Photovoltaic Systems
  • Chris Vincent Densing
    Microelectronics and Microprocessors
  • Russel John Gallano
    Power Systems
  • Paul Leonard Atchong Hilario
  • Wilbert Jethro Limjoco
    Computer Networks
  • Crisron Rudolf Lucas
    Digital Signal Processing
  • Christopher Santos
    Microelectronics and Microprocessors

Adjunct Professors

  • Dwight David Simon
    Wireless Communications

Teaching Associates

  • Adrian Vidal
    Wireless Communications
  • Christian Angelo Yap
    Power Systems

Assistant Professors

  • Louis Alarcon
    Microelectronics, Integrated Circuits, RF IC Design, Low-Power Processor Design
  • Federico Ang
    Speech Signal and Language Processing, Discrete-Time Signal Processing, Machine Learning
  • Adelson Chua
  • Paul Jason Co
    RF and Antennas, Wireless Communications
  • Ivan Benedict Nilo Cruz
    Power Systems
  • Franz de Leon
    Digital Signal Processing in Communications, Audio Engineering
  • Maria Theresa De Leon
    Analog and RF IC Design, IC Testing and Verification
  • John Richard Hizon
    RF IC Design, RISC Processors, Mixed Signal Circuits
  • Joy Alinda Madamba
    Digital Design, Microelectronics, Computer Architecture
  • Rico Jossel Maestro
  • Percival Magpantay
    Microcontrollers, Sensors, Subsumption Architecture, Mobile Robotics
  • Bienvenido Malquisto Jr.
    Power Systems, Industrial Automation and Control
  • Isabel Montes
    Computer Networks
  • Carl Michael Odulio
    Power Electronics, Electric Motor Drives
  • Jhoanna Rhodette Pedrasa
    Computer Networks, Mobility Management of Handheld Devices
  • Carlo Miguel Purisima
    Wireless Communications, RF Power Amplifiers
  • Niño Christopher Ramos
    Power Electronics, Wind and Solar Energy
  • Marc Rosales
    Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits, Electronic Prototyping
  • Marc Caesar Talampas
    Instrumentation, Embedded Systems, Environmental Monitoring, Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wilbert Rey Tarnate
    Power Systems
  • Adonis Emmanuel Tio
    Power Systems
  • Lew Andrew Tria
    Power Electronics, Solar Photovoltaics


  • Luis Manuel Alarilla Jr.
    Computer Architecture, Computer System Performance Evaluation
  • Sukarno Ali
  • Joaquin Carlos Almirante
  • Paul Vincent Alpaño
  • Charleston Dale Ambatali
    Wireless Communications, RF and Microwave Engineering
  • Wendy Feliza Apawan
    Wireless Communications, RF Power Amplifier Design
  • Christiensen Arandilla
  • Mary Claire Barela
  • Stevan Chan Cheng
    Wireless Communications, TV White Space
  • Mar Francis De Guzman
  • Maricel De Vera
  • Alberto De Villa
    Power Systems
  • Aimar Jay Dimal
    Microgrids, Power Systems, Renewable Energy
  • Romarie Lorenzo
    Wireless Communications
  • Lorelisa Ethel Luya
    Power Systems
  • Rafael Nestor Mantaring
  • Kevin Martin
    RF Circuits, Wireless Communications
  • Aurelia Mechilina
    Thin films, Shape Memory Alloys
  • Miro Jan Benedict Navarro
    Microelectronics and Microprocessors
  • Gianinna Paola Santos
  • Romeo Solis
  • Alvin Tang