Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Registration Announcements for First Semester AY 2017-2018

Registration period is from July 31 to August 3, 2017. 

Last day of withdrawal of enlistment is on August 7, 2017.

Instructions for appeal for readmission here.

Advising List here.

Registration bulletin here.

Undergraduate course request form hereThe form will close on Saturday (July 29), 5pm.

Undergraduate course request form (Batch 2) hereThe form will close on Monday (July 31), 2pm.

Undergraduate course request form (Batch 3) hereThe form will close on Tuesday (August 1), 5pm.

Graduate course request form here.

CoE 115 enlistment form hereThe deadline for this is on Aug 1, 11:59AM.

Math 114 request form hereThe deadline for this is on Aug 1, 9PM.

All students enlisting subjects this semester must have an EEE account. If you do not have an EEE account yet, account claiming can be done in the Reading Room (Rm 225) starting July 31, 1pm. You cannot proceed with validation without an EEE account.

For this semester, there will be changes to the registration process due to the suspension of payment for undergraduate students. Second degree undergraduate students and graduate (MS/ME/PhD) students will still be following the old registration process. First degree undergraduate students can proceed up to VALIDATION only (no assessment, printing of Form 5, post-advising, and payment). 

In this regard, the revised registration flowchart for first degree undergraduate students is here.

  • All students can now proceed up to assessment of fees, Form 5 printing, and post-advising.
  • For students whose scholarships affect their tuition fee assessment, make sure that your scholarship or correct ST discount is displayed when you log in to CRS. If your scholarship is not correct, contact the concerned office (e.g. DLRC for DOST scholarships or OSSS for ST discounts) to have your scholarship corrected.
  • If a student applied / applying for free tuition / STS system or anything that will give him/her a discount, s/he should wait for the results of the application before s/he proceeds with assessment. Since CHED subsidy application results should be out before Aug 25, s/he should wait until then to be assessed. 
  • A student desiring to avail of the CHED tuition subsidy or financial support has to submit a duly accomplished application form together with the required supporting documents. Decision on his application shall be released days before 25 August 2017.
  • Students can apply for the subsidy at Student Financial Assistance Online​ ​ https://sfaonline.up.edu.ph/. For any queries regarding this, please contact the UP System Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) directly.
  • Second degree students can avail of the CHED tuition subsidy.
  • For graduate students and non-applicants for subsidy or financial support, their enrollment shall be processed and they may pay the assessed tuition and other fees immediately.
  • Deadline for payment of tuition and other fees shall be on 25 August 2017.


  1. All freshmen and graduating students must be pre-advised. Check CRS if your adviser has already pre-advised you online. If you are ok with the online advise, you may print your Form 5A and start with enlistment by July 31, Monday. If you want to have changes made in your Form 5A, please contact your adviser via email or in person to make the necessary changes before printing your Form 5A.
  2. Continuing/regular students do not need to be pre-advised. If you do want to be pre-advised, contact your adviser via email or in person to pre-advise you. This can be done manually (adviser can write on your printed Form 5A) or online (adviser will use the online advising module of CRS). Enlistment for continuing/regular students will start on August 1, Tuesday.
  3. For those who would be doing self advising (students with continuing/regular status), you may secure the "Self-Advising" stamp starting July 31, Monday, in Rm 120. However, you can only be auto-enlisted on your designated day (i.e. Aug 1 onwards) as CRS checks for your status (e.g. graduating, freshman, regular, etc.).
  4. You can only be advised by your designated registration adviser, unless there is an official announcement regarding temporary transfer of advising duties.
  5. Transferees and shiftees who are on their first year (first sem) this semester will be advised by Dr. Tess de Leon.
  6. If you are underloading this semester AND you are not graduating this semester, you should submit documents to support your reason for underloading until the end of the 1st semester of AY 2017-2018. To justify underloading, the submission of pertinent documents to the Office of the University Registrar through the Office of the College Secretary is required as follows:
    • for health reasons — medical certification to be confirmed by the University Health Service;

    • for unavailability of subjects — certification by the scheduler to be noted by the adviser AND copy of schedule of classes;

    • for employment — copy of payroll and appointment papers indicating, among others, the duration of employment.

  7. Overloading means that you are taking either more than 18 lecture units OR more than 21 units (including laboratory units). You will only be allowed to overload if you passed all subjects in the previous semester and have a valid reason for overloading. You need to accomplish an overload form with with a photocopy of Form 5 and grades of all subjects in the previous semester. The form must be approved by the Dean before you will be allowed to enroll in more than the allowed number of lecture/lab units per semester.
  8. All graduating students - both undergraduate and graduate – should submit their application for candidacy for graduation within the registration period. This includes those who applied in previous semesters but did not graduate (you have to re-apply) and those who are enrolling the remaining units of their 300 or 400 course this semester (even if you are not yet sure if you will be able to successfully defend your theses or not).
  9. Since the registration process will only be up to validation for now, once you have completed enlisting in all your subjects for this semester, you should have your Form 5A reprinted and signed by your adviser. This implies that you have effectively been "post-advised" and you can now proceed with validation where your account will be locked.
  10. If you need to make any changes after validation, you just need to have your account unlocked, make the necessary changes, print a clean Form 5A, have your adviser sign your clean Form 5A, and proceed with validation. This process can be done until the lst day of Change of Matriculation which is on August 14, Monday.
  11. We will be implementing online enlistment and petition lists. You may check your CRS account every now and again to see if you have already been auto-enlisted in your desired subjects.
  12. To help in your finances, you may take advantage of the services, like student loans, from the Office of Scholarships and Student Services (OSSS) at 3rd floor Vinzons Hall.
  13. Room assignments:

(i) Rm 429: Processing of petition lists and enlistment requests
(ii) Rm 123: Form 5A printing and validation holding area (there shall be NO students/bystanders around Rm 220); Stamping of "Self-Advising"
(iii) Advisers' rooms and schedules here. Updated version here.

Registration-related Notes:

  • Undergraduate Curriculum
  • List of EEE electives this semester here (Updated version here). Take note that no EE 14x or EE 15x electives are allowed for ECE and CoE students. An undergraduate student can only take a maximum of 6 units of any 197 course, be it EE, ECE or CoE and a maximum of two EE 2xx courses.
  • You violate the EEE Retention Rules when you:
    • Incurs a grade other than a passing grade twice in any of these mathematics courses: (Math 17, Math 53, Math 54, Math 55) OR
    • Accumulates three or more grades other than passing grades in any combination of these mathematics courses (Math 17, Math 53, Math 54, Math 55) OR
    • Incurs a grade other than a passing grade twice in any of these basic EEE courses (EEE 23, EEE 31, EEE 33, EEE 35, EEE 41) OR
    • Accumulates three or more grades other than passing grades in any combination of these basic EEE courses (EEE 23, EEE 31, EEE 33, EEE 35, EEE 41).

For purposes of this retention rule, a ‘grade other than a passing grade’ includes the following: a 5.00, an unremoved 4.00, an unremoved ‘INC’, or a ‘DRP’ recorded at the end of the semester or semesters under evaluation.

  • Senior standing definition:
    • BS CoE: Must have taken EEE 51, EEE 101, EEE 105 and EEE 107.
    • BS ECE: Must have taken EEE 51, EEE 101, EEE 105 and EEE 107.
    • BS EE: Must have taken EEE 103 and three out of the following: EEE 53, EEE 101, EEE 105, and EEE 107.
  • ​On residency rules
    • Students are required to be in residency one year prior to graduation. For example, if the remaining subjects of a student are offered only during the second semester, the student must enroll in residency for the first semester to satisfy the 1-year residency rule. If for some reason, the student has to go on LOA at any time during the last year prior to graduation, the student must write an appeal to the CSAPG as early as possible.
    • Students graduating with honors are required to be in residency two years prior to graduation. If for some reason, the student has to go on LOA at any time during the last two years prior to graduation, the student must write an appeal to the CSAPG as early as possible.
  • List of GE courses here.
    • In the Arts & Humanities domain, a minimum of nine (9) units of communication courses in English are required (these can be any of the ff: Eng 1, Eng 10, Eng 11, Eng 12, Eng 30, CW 10 and Comm 3).
    • Math 1 and Math 2 are NOT allowed for EEEI students with student numbers older than 2012-XXXXX. Math 1 may be enrolled if you are from batch 2012 or younger.
    • The College of Science highly discourages students to enroll in Bio 1 or Geol 1 if the student has finished Nat Sci 2 and vice versa.
    • For students with student number 2012 and younger, some RGEP subjects are required for them to take. These are: English 10, Comm 3 (in English), Fil 40, Kas 1, Philo 1 and STS.
  • NSTP is required for all students. Each student is required to take 3-unit courses for 2 semesters (6 units total). Students may only take these courses after their first year. The following are components of the NSTP program: (1) Military Training Services (MTS), (2) Civic Welfare Training Services (CWTS), and (3) Literacy Training Services (LTS). Both 3-unit courses to be taken must be from the same component of the program and from the same department (e.g. if you took CWTS 1 in EEE, you must also take CWTS 2 in EEE). Engineering students are strongly encouraged to take CWTS subjects from the College of Engineering. If the student is a transferee and has taken NSTP 1 in his/her previous university, the student must write a letter of appeal to the CSAPG that the NSTP 1 previously taken be credited. The student should process this appeal as soon as possible and take any NSTP 2 course in UP Diliman.
  • On Free Electives:
    • GE courses cannot be credited as free electives.
    • If you want to take a language elective, you should finish the two consecutive 3-unit courses (e.g. French 10 and 11), totalling 6 units, for the elective to be credited.
    • EEE subjects can be credited as free electives.
  • ​On enrolling subjects outside the curriculum
    • ​for enrichment purposes
      • Student must be in good academic standing and up-to-date with the requirements of his/her curriculum
      • Student may enroll in 1 or 2 courses outside his/her curriculum per semester as long as the total load does not result in overload for that semester
      • Student should write letter indicating reason for taking a particular subject outside of the curriculum, then get endorsement from the registration adviser and approval from the institute director
      • Student must be informed by the registration adviser of the consequences of enrolling in courses outside the curriculum, like added burden on academic load and possible delay in graduation
    • for shifting purposes
      • Student must indicate intention to shift in a letter addressed to the institute director and noted by the registration adviser
      • The student must shift within one year, subject to compliance with the admission requirements of the admitting unit
      • If the student cannot shift within one year, for whatever reason, he/she shall follow the curriculum of the original degree program
      • The student must be informed by the registration adviser of the consequences of enrolling in courses outside the curriculum, like added burden on academic load and possible delay in graduation
  • On voluntary shifting out (VSO):
    • Students who are in good standing and intending shift out of the college should submit a letter of intent and fill out an application form for VSO. The letter must be noted by both your registration adviser and the EEEI director. Once the VSO status is granted , you will be under the advisement of the College Secretary (Dr. Jhoanna Pedrasa) and/or the Assoc. Dean for Student Affairs (Dr. Rhandley Cajote).
    • The VSO status is for ONE ACADEMIC YEAR ONLY, during which a student is given the opportunity to enroll subjects outside the curriculum of his current program and shift/transfer to another college.
    • If the VSO student fails to transfer to another program, he will return back to being a regular student under his current program and will be subject again to the restrictions of its curriculum.Extension of VSO status for students under the College Sec/ADSA is subject to the endorsement of their department chairs/institute directors. Also, the VSO student must enroll at least fifteen (15) credit units per semester in order to qualify for an extension.
    • If the extension of VSO status is not approved, the student may opt to transfer to Non Major status or transfer to another university.
    • VSO students under the College Sec/ADSA must always present their contract (Transfer to Voluntary Shifting Out Status) to their adviser for pre-advising.
  • On shifting within the college:
    • Students who are in good standing and intending to shift to another Engineering course should  write a letter of intent and then proceed to the EEEI FRAC representative (Tess de Leon) for further instructions.