Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute

University of the Philippines - Diliman

Computerized Registration System

Students generally go through two types of enlistment – advanced or pre-enlistment, and enlistment during general registration. Advanced enlistment for the next semester is usually held in the middle of the current semester, its schedule announced about a week in advance. During the period for advanced enlistment, students submit a list of requested subjects to their respective colleges. These lists are entered online by logging on to the University’s Computerized Registration System (CRS). CRS processes student requests in batches, allocating slots based on a student’s enrollment status, supply and demand. Results are printed out as the UP Form5-A.

During registration period, subjects may be added to or canceled from the Form5-A due to changes in schedules, failed prerequisites, etc. Most colleges allocate new slots, create or dissolve classes, accomplish changes to the classlist manually. The EEE Institute, and other colleges, do so during online prerogative using CRS. Students logon to CRS to view currently enlisted subjects, available slots, and results of petitions or for announcements of new or dissolved sections. For non-EEE subjects, students will need to go to the respective colleges and departments of the subject they want to enlist in.